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M/s and Authority-Based Relationships

  • In the Beginning: First Steps in M/s (intro)

  • Protocols Among the Muggles

  • Collars, Contracts and Protocols (intro)

  • Durable Dynamics: Sustaining Long-term Authority-Based Relationships

  • Feminism and M/s

  • The Power Dynamics of Polyamory and Kink

  • Metamorphosis: Unlearning Sabotaging Behaviors in D/s and M/s Relationships

  • Dealing with Health Challenges in M/s relationships

  • The Art of Service - Motivation, styles and types of service

  • Tying the Knot: the intersection of Marriage and M/s

  • Where Did I Leave that Flogger? Serving the Disorganized Master, Mastering the Disorganized slave


  • On Pins and Needles: Intro to Play Piercing

  • Teasing and Torturing

  • Fold, Spindle, and Mutilate: Creative paths to agony and ecstasy

  • Sensation Play

  • At Knife Point: Artistry with Blades

  • Pinchy Ouchy Things: Playing with Clips and Clamps

  • Tit and Cunt Torture

  • The Dynamics of Group Scenes

  • Filling Up and Spilling Over: The Art of Vaginal Fisting

  • Blood Lust: A Hands-on Introduction to Blood Play

  • Crafting a scene

  • The Many Faces of Poly

  • Playing in the Dungeon

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